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Here you will find the details of our warranties as well as additional information for the maintenance and installation of our products.

Limited warranty

Glider chair

Limited warranty on products

Goberce is proud to offer a limited warranty which bears witness of the confidence in its products quality which covers defects in workmanship and raw materials. Goberce products possess a warranty on these components and the warranty time limit shall begin at the date of purchase.

3-YEARS Warranty

The mechanism and frame has a three years warranty against material or workmanship defects under reserve of normal residential use. We assume the cost for defective or broken parts during the warranty.

2-YEARS Warranty

Recovery leather combined and polyurethane is covered by a two-year warranty against all defects of the leather/polyurethane, from the date of purchase, under reserve of normal residential use.

1-YEAR Warranty

The one year warranty on the fabrics and PVC covers all seams, separations that may occur in the fabric and deformation of the foam and this, as of the date of purchase. Pilling or discoloration is not part of the warranty.